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wrapped around him. table linen, that which she deliberately left a lot to Elena has not touched a variety of foods according to her observations, Elena seems to be eating this regard with a kind extraordinarily strong preference.

just At this time, Lavender Brown suddenly jumped up, a look of surprise, pointing to the direction of Hogwarts castle gates shouted.

“Hey! look at you! they’re back! Elena also!”

goo! You are the devil!! It’s 500 so soon!!!!!

Okay, let’s code one.. Fat chicken go eat some biscuits, and try to write one more chapter tonight.

Yesterday’s estimate was a bit wrong Accurate, now I understand~ Well, at the same time tomorrow, if this chapter is more than 1000 chapters, then I will continue to double update! If it is not, well, coo, coo, coo~~~ It won’t be more cute Fat chickens are also very cute!

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Chapter 92 Elena showed a sad smile

and followed the direction of Lavender Brown’s fingers, staying The little wizards in the venue turned their heads and looked over.

A burly giant was walking down the hillside. Behind him were a few little wizards who looked like dwarfs.

Hermione was there almost immediately . The crowd saw the figure with dazzling silver long hair. In order to deter the other first-year freshmen, the strength they had forcibly maintained disappeared instantly, and the suppressed anxiety and grievance suddenly broke out, three steps in two steps. She rushed up with her teeth and dancing claws.

“Do you know how worried everyone is.”

“I’m sorry to make everyone worried. There is good news and not so bad news.”

Elena trot all the way to the 西安夜生活第一论坛网 first-year freshman. In front of us, she easily suppressed the little Lori Hermione who wanted to come and teach, looked around at her immature face, shrugged and said cleanly.

“Although it is not an Easter egg, after explanation and discussion, Professor Dumbledore said that he did not intend to g