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third is not to preach in a harassing way. The bishops and pastors were deeply suspicious of their eloquence, so Danitz had to find professionals to train and 西安耍耍网 quietly listen to Klein the Fool and mumbled a few words in his heart.

He did not comment on the scripture compiled by Silver City because it was a bit embarrassing, but if he objected to certain descriptions, it would damage the image of a fool.

Thinking of this, Klein 西安夜生活第一论坛网 Can’t help but slander a few more words:

Maybe one day, Will Uncertain saw the’Fool’ The holy scriptures of the church will blurt out in surprise: When did I become an angel under the seat of the Fool?

Then, Leonard’s grandfather, Mr. Azik who woke up, and the lady messenger who worked hard to recover will follow: What , Me too? After

exchanging information about Silver City and Moon City, Cattleya the Hermit looked around expectantly:

Who of you has the extraordinary characteristics of the Secret Peeper Path Sequence 3?

She finished digesting The occultist’s potions have been around for a long time, but they just got the master prophecy’s potion formula from the Morse Ascetic, and it’s still a long way from getting the Extraordinary characteristics or the main ingredients.

—-Although she is Morse A member of the Ten Pillars of the Ascetic Society, but the higher the sequence path, the more precious the corresponding resources will be.Even such an ancient organization cannot squander arbitrarily, and Cattleya was born on the Dawn and received a hidden sage The influence of the person is less, and he is not so trusted within the Morse Ascetic.

For Cattleya, who was promoted to the 西安夜生活第一论坛网 occultist with the blood of the snake of fate and digested the potion early, Sequence 3 should have been relative An easy pass, but it was stuck by the materials. A few years or even more than ten years may not be hopeful.

Therefore, she had to ask for help at the Tarot meeting.

Sun Derrick recalled the half of the silver city possessed God traits, slowly shook his head.