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t is 西安耍耍网 the matter with you coming to see me so late?”

Shi Dong pointed to the room: “You should have read my briefing, right?”

“You 新西安夜网 wrote It’s too wordy, I only

looked at the front section.”

“It doesn’t matter, you just need to be clear about the shameful past.” Ye Qingxuan was silent for a long time, covering his face and sighing.

“Indeed, shameful.”

Leviathan turned out to be a fairy in the lake, is King Arthur’s brain really okay!

No, history proves that this bastard’s brain is indeed sick.

And also unclearly ill.

Ye Qingxuan beckoned and signaled Shi Dong to come with him.

You can’t stay in the room, so find a place where you can sit down and talk.

Soon, they reached the atrium of the church.

Ye Qingxuan sat on the bench, pondering for a long time, and couldn’t help scratching his hair: “I know what you have always asked, but now it’s impossible to start.”

Shi Dong was not surprised at this, but he just nodded and suggested calmly: ” Then try again, don’t forget your purpose. What are you here for?”

“Of course it is to save

Anglu .” Ye Qingxuan replied, but Shi Dong still looked at him again and asked: “What else?”

Ye Qingxuan couldn’t help smiling bitterly: “While saving Angelu, save Maxwell.”

Shi Dong 西安桑拿网 was still indifferent, like an old muddy paint, the sky was not shocked, he just scratched his chin, for a long time, and faintly commented: “This will be difficult.”

“Of course I know.” Ye Qingxuan asked: “You have Any suggestions?”


Shi Dong pondered, scratching his steel skull, and sighed: “According to my experience in previous years, if you don’t know how to defeat the enemy, then clean up the inside first. Anyway, idle is idle. . ”

” ah? “Ye Qingxuan a moment.

Shi Dong repeated: “Clean up the inside, I mean you don’t understand what I mean?”

“I know what you are talking about, but why is this?”

“This is the usual style of the Inquisition. ”

Shi Dong replied naturally: “Anyway, there is nothing to do, so clean up the inside first. You must f