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Hercules came over and rubbed Poirot’s head, no one could think of it. mysterious Mouse King would look like this, or mysterious Ratatouille is just a smoke bomb, puppet, really grasp all of this is the humble intelligence quotient, he is the real Mouse King.

the fortieth chapter Ratatouille

this Where do I start?

In the slightly cramped back kitchen, Hercule was sitting next to the cupboard.He was more restrained than before.After all, he is now tied to the chair by a rope, and Lorenzo is opposite him, holding the Poirot. chinchilla, not far away from his hand, there is a number of the spoon and fork.

OK, I have plenty of time to listen to you say, King rat, Hercule well, you are what the tube.

By now , Everything is clear, there is no more chance for Hercules to play tricks in front 新西安夜网 of Lorenzo.

The big mouse in her arms lay down comfortably, looking at Hercules, Lorenzo who did not know how to talk about it.

I asked a little curiously. Why don’t you regard it as the rat king?

Lorenzo said while rubbing the big mouse in his arms. Its fur was so soft that it looked like a fur ball. According to the history that Lorenzo 西安夜生活网 knew, this little thing was once affected by its fur. Hunting to extinction, it is considered a rare thing in Invergly, I remember that it has some alternative names, I remember it is called My Neighbor Totoro or something.

Because this big mouse saved my life, to be precise. The first generation Poirot saved my life.

According to Lorenzo’s question, Hercule slowly told his past.

I am not from Inverweg I am from Leish I was a police officer for a period of time. Later, I suffered a shipwreck and was reduced to Inverweg.

Shipwreck? 西安夜生活第一论坛网

Yes, I met the damn group of Viking pirates, I took advantage of the chaos and escaped in a small boat, and they did not chase them.After all, there is no food and no fresh water on the vast sea.I am dead in this situation.

said and looked at Poirot.

But they didn’t expect, There was not only 西安耍耍网 me on the boat, but also