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invisible and intangible soul turned into a disgusting mud-like substance that was visible to the naked eye, and along the nostrils of several Hill church members, wisps flowed out,

“Praise the High Hill.” Arya ignored him . She giggled as she chuckled, and gently pressed her hands to several hapless subordinates: “The Supreme Hill, they are my sacrifices to you to make them return to nothingness. 西安夜生活第一论坛网 Let them completely annihilate”

several members of the Hill Church. They disappeared instantly from their abnormal bodies to their fallen souls.

There was no trace left, no scum left, as if they had never existed.

Mia and Mick sighed at the same time.

“Hill’s lunatic, this is where we all hate you. What a wonderful masterpiece, such a corrupt, fallen soul, what an interesting work, but 西安夜生活网you are going to destroy everything!”

Chapter 394 of the Doctrine Struggle (3)

Big Ivan panted lightly, his two big eyeballs’gurgling’ around, one eyeball stared at Arya, the other eyeball stared at Mia and Michael.

The Church of Hill conflicts with the doctrine of the Corrupting Spirit, which is simply too interesting.

Well, to be precise, the Hill Church and all the doctrines known in the world are inherently opposed to each other.

Whether Mu’s Golden Oak Church or Mutesthe’s Yingui Church, or even the corrupting spirits, murderous obsessions regarded as heretics, and the Highland Wolf King who just broke out a little contact with Joe in the Lanyin Corridor.

The subjects of these heretical beliefs, they only regard human beings or all other creatures as’leeks’ for various purposes.


Like the spirit of corruption, he enjoyed the whole process of allowing the souls of human beings or other intelligent creatures to be corroded by evil forces and eventually fall completely. In this process of corrosion and degeneration, the spirit of corrosion can feel boundless happiness.

After he was happy, he harvested these fallen souls, which in turn made him feel boundless joy.

Human beings, or other intellige