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ements from the outside madly drilled towards the body of the White Dragon Lord. The catwoman and her companions in the magic tower sensed the convergence of the elements and looked sideways at the White Dragon Lord’s room, with unconcealable envy and a little jealousy in her eyes. Meow~! Breakthrough again! It really doesn’t make people live! Meow~! Not long ago, the White Dragon Lord broke through once after the battle with the Blade Master, and now he has broken through again. It is no wonder that Catwoman feels a little jealous. Several days passed, the spiritual power and divinity of the White Dragon Lord completely merged, and the White Dragon Lord also successfully completed the breakthrough and opened his eyes. scanning. 西安桑拿按摩 [Name]: Amos Aldridge [Level]: Level 23 Dragon and Level 24 Mage [Strength]: Legendary [Faction]: Lawful Neutral [Introduction]: You are a male adult ancestor god Sexual white dragon, compared to ordinary white dragons, you are a completely different creature; the ancestral white dragon has a complete dragon heritage, you understand the true meaning of the soul law, and your breath comes with a soul attack; on the path of a mage professional , You have already walked out of your own path and achieved a generation of legends; you have received the blessing of a certain powerful ice element, the ice element regards you as a close partner, and the power of ice magic is greatly enhanced; you have a trace of divinity, Some eternal characteristics, Immunity is death magic; in terms of actual combat power, you are also walking sideways in the high-level legend. Both the mage level and the creature level rose by one level, and the eyes of the White Dragon Lord flashed with joy that was difficult to control. I didn’t expect that fusion of divinity would have such benefits! The White Dragon Lord felt the benefits of divinity. The calculation speed of his brain was faster, his body became 西安夜网论坛 stronger, and the storage capacity of magic power was a little more. The arc of all aspects of qual