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stick. Fortunately, George temporarily reacted in a timely manner and escaped the ball dangerously.

“Slytherin, this is a foul…this is a foul!” Jordan Lee, who is in charge of the commentary, is also worthy of being a senior 西安夜生活网 Gryffindor. He loudly criticized Slytherin’s foul, and his words were sharp and heard. Professor McGonagall frowned again and again.

George on the field was not to be outdone, and combined with Fred from both sides of the batsman who flanked Slytherin, and almost made him hit the railing…

but Jordan only treated the Weasley brothers’ actions. I haven’t seen the same, and I still appreciate their flying skills from time to time.

Such a double standard naturally caused the dissatisfaction of the little wizards in Slytherin, especially the little wizards who participated in the gambling. If it were not for the professors on the scene, the full screen of black magic would have been on the stage. Up.

Even so, there were still many Slytherin students who were close by and smashed the debris in their hands 新西安夜网 towards Jordan,

“It is not fair to explain the interference in the arena!”

“Shady…this is shady!

” we demand another explanation, or else it is heavier than! ”


Jordan side of the stage dodge flying four cans, waste paper, underwear, going on with his explanation, until Professor McGonagall could not stand it, just let two The trainees pulled Jordan away and replaced him with Cedric from Hufflepuff 西安耍耍网 College as a temporary commentary.

Jordan stubbornly held the railing on the platform, but in the end he lost to the strength of the two and was dragged along, and he could hear Jordan’s unyielding cry from a distance.

“I have done too much for the academy… I have contributed a lot for the academy… I am innocent! I want to see Professor Dumbledore!”

Professor McGonagall raised his hand as a silent curse, and the world was finally quiet,

not far away. Everyone who looked at Jordan, who seemed to be possessed by the actor, twitched his mouth, but was not