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nemy running in front had already rushed out of the hole. Tong Shan Guo broke off the grab and knocked it to the ground, but the second enemy who followed closely pierced the captain’s chest with a long sword backhand. Aite’s mind was blank, and he subconsciously handed out a spear in accordance with the training, but it was stuck on the opponent’s shield. The enemy kicked him to the ground, and the gun was also taken off. Are you going to die here? He raised his head in despair, but suddenly there was a shadow in the sky. It should be difficult to distinguish such dark things on a snowy night, but this shadow is too close to me, like a collapsed night, which is hurriedly falling towards me. As the outline became clearer and clearer, Aite couldn’t help but widen his eyes. It was actually a huge monster. He vowed that he would only see such a terrifying monster in a nightmare. It had a big mouth and its head was bigger than a calf. , The broad wings can almost cover the entire wall. The giant beast smashed directly in front of Aite, crushing the enemy who had crawled out of the pit into a meatloaf, and it made a deafening roar to be continued. 8 Main text Chapter 447 Reaper Aite was so scared that he couldn’t move. He watched the opponent turn his head to look at him, and the mucus dripping from the gray-brown fangs could be seen. Don’t worry, I won’t eat you, the monster suddenly made a muddy voice, almost making Aite scream. Damn, he was surprised that this thing could talk even more. A woman jumped off the monster’s back and walked to Tongshan step by step. He turned him over and fumbled for a while. This guy is still alive, Maisie, Send him to Nanawan. As if he understood her words, the giant beast raised its two front paws and grabbed the captain, fluttered its wings again, and the strong air current rushed Aite unable to open his eyes. When the wind and snow subsided, he half-squinted to see that the city was empty, as if everything was just a dream. No, it’s not that the woman in the dream is still dark on