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because you had a relationship with Slater in that scene. I accidentally injured my head during the conflict 新西安夜网 at Lin Academy, so I was temporarily treated outside the school.”

The suspicion in Hannah’s eyes became more obvious, and the two words big liar were written clearly.

I accidentally hurt my head?!

Ai The expression on Linna’s face froze.

Very good, dear Lao Xin Lao Luo, she wrote it down. The

girl grinds her teeth secretly, and silently took out a small notebook in her heart and wrote a sum. 西安夜生活论坛

“Yes, that’s right. That healer and the old wizard who taught me It’s the same person. During the treatment, he taught me a lot about the potions class by the way.”

Elena smiled again and tried to follow Hannah’s words.


Hannah raised her eyebrows noncommittal. , indifferent to be a cry.

“really, really, but my therapist that Norm has come to Hogwarts, and if you do not believe it, then you can at any time to verify that he and Dumbledore’s.”

watched Hannah was seriously suspicious, Elena curled her lips slightly injured, and the little dull hair on her head moved listlessly. She couldn’t help but feel aggrieved. It was so difficult to tell the truth these years.

Hannah glanced at her. After a few seconds of silence, the depressed white hair dumpling suddenly smiled helplessly.西安夜网论坛

“What else can I do but continue to believe in you? I have already said that whether it is bombing the office or stealing the demon from the classroom Medicine, I am with you. But you must tell me what kind of potion makes you do such a dangerous behavior and why.”

“Compound decoction, a kind of record in “Powerful Medicine”, It can turn the drinker into the appearance of other people. Among the potions that are very 西安夜生活网 powerful, there is a raw material called African tree snake skin that is extremely rare. As far as I know, the entire Hogwarts is only in the personal collection of Professor Snape. Maybe.” Elena replied without hesitation.

While at Neumongaard Castle, Gellert Grindelwald specificall