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uld not be solved by searching information. He already had a general idea for the final improvement plan of the compound decoction, and the rest was to make it out and look for it. Let’s experiment with a “little mouse”.

While thinking about the plan in his mind, Ivan walked toward the potions classroom, where Hermione, who was holding the next class book, was still waiting there.

“Ivan, did you go to Professor Snape?” Hermione guessed suddenly, and she saw Ivan chasing Snape right after class.

“Well, I asked him some questions 西安夜网论坛 about potions.” Ivan nodded, and at the same time felt that Snape’s level of potions is much higher than him! It

looks like Snape’s. The potion level is converted into a level, I am afraid it is not the sixth level he expected, but the seventh!

Ivan did not talk more about this issue, but urged Hermione to use the time converter quickly, and he wanted to finish the class quickly , And then experiment to see if your 西安夜生活第一论坛网 improvement plan is effective.

So in the next Muggle research class, Ivan seemed a little absent-minded. Except for the first time he stood up to answer questions and brush his grade points, the rest of the time was on a piece of parchment, wondering if he had it. Omissions.

Hermione watched silently, occasionally discussing the medicinal properties of several potion materials with Ivan in a low voice.

Ivan has also taken Hermione admiringly these days. The Little Witch is a living encyclopedia. As long as it is a routine question, Hermione can basically answer it, which greatly saves him the time to search for information.

But on some key issues of the improvement plan, Hermione could not provide much help. The

only book she had read about potion improvement was the “Advanced Potions 西安耍耍网 Making” left by the half-blood prince.

“By the way, Ivan, do you know who that half-blood prince is?” Hermione asked curiously.

When she flipped through the book, she had a rather bad impression of the half-blood prince, because the book was full of graffiti, wh