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d my friends to check the public files in the United States and some semi-public files.”

Daniel reached out his hand and moved very quickly to pick up a piece of Chinese pastry from the plate and put it into his mouth. He gobbled it down and said vaguely. “According to US official records, the missing and non-missing weapons and 西安夜生活网 equipment were all handed over to the same South Vietnamese official. His name is Ruan Feng.”

“Can I still find this Ruan Feng?” Nanjing Longfeng looked up at Huo Heng .

“He died a long time ago, and he didn’t even survive the end of the Vietnam War.” Daniel picked up the second piece of cake and stuffed it in his mouth while continuing, “What’s interesting is that the arms were handed over in two batches. 新西安夜网The first batch was when the US troops withdrew from Da Nang. The second batch was before Operation Changfeng started. But after Operation Changfeng started, this Ruan Feng was shot and killed by a soldier from the US Embassy.”

“Is there really Da Nang?” Nanjing Longfeng and Da Yiwan looked at each other. They didn’t care about Ruan Feng’s stiff wind, they asked in unison, “Which batch is missing?”


“Both are.”

Daniel unceremoniously picked up Nanjing Dragon Phoenix’s teacup and drank it. “According to the latest file I found, some of them are probably hidden in Xiaoming City!”

“Have you found the specific location?” Nasha couldn’t help asking. Tao.

Daniel cried and said, “Where should I look? Now I have been under house arrest in a de facto sense. Not only can I not leave the fortress, but I can’t even eat even if there is no new discovery every day.”

Everyone couldn’t help but look at Xiang Jia again. Ya, the latter gritted his teeth and explained, “It’s to blame himself. As long as this bastard is full, he doesn’t want to work. He will only use his brains to cause trouble everywhere. If it’s not for your face, he did it a month ago. It has passed away.”

Chapter 552 In

the 西安桑拿网 meeting hall of the Saigon Concrete Building, two oversized round dining tabl