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ly, and said to himself, “I am old, I am old!”

Sister Guoguo’s water elemental spirit became very disturbed and nervous after the dean entered the room, and she shrank her body in the corner, looking very scared.

I don’t know if Master Godfrey has seen Sister Guoguo, and her heart is too 西安夜生活网 nervous. For a magician, an elemental spirit is as precious as a magic pattern construction, if it is Master Godfrey. Seeing Sister Guoguo and confining her with the sealing technique, I couldn’t help but he didn’t seem to have such thoughts. Seeing him staring at me in a blink of an eye, my back was already soaked.

He continued to say to me: “We stale old magicians, our hearts have been imprisoned by magic, and we are habitually reluctant to think about 西安耍耍网 things other than magic. We like to rely on magic for all means, but it is difficult to consider. At the bottom of the warriors, not everyone can receive the best magic treatment. I don’t know how many people will heal their wounds too slowly. It’s not uncommon for the wounded in the army to bleed to death. You improve He also invented first aid, and invented stitches to suture 西安桑拿网 wounds, which is also very good!”

Now is the time for the frontline counterattack. I thought he would contain the great witches in the barbarian army in front of the battle, but I didn’t expect him to have time to come The last words of the rescue station were also a kind of affirmation to me, and suddenly made me feel full of energy. One meter of bright sunshine came 西安夜生活第一论坛网 through the window, and I squinted my eyes to watch the dean and the group leave the rescue station.

Tauren Luka was guarding the door, craned his neck and looked over to the wall. He seemed to want to stand on the wall and fight side by side with the soldiers from the guard camp.

At this moment, I was a little confused. I don’t understand that the Tauren are a very peaceful tribal race. Why is Luca so aggressive? I still remember the first time 西安夜生活论坛 I saw Luca in the underground black boxing match. It looks like he w