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ing more terrifying at No. 9 Hyacinth Street! A face! A very pale face!

Behind my house, several passers-by disappeared, and the blood has been dragged to the nearest ruins, but the police did not find the dead body.

It is terrible, may the goddess protect us! The

storm is on, let these ghosts and Let the monsters stay away from 新西安夜网 us. By

the way, the city hall posted an announcement saying that similar incidents were discovered and immediately reported to the police station.

It seems that the previous meat grinder war made many corpses too late to be resurrected and turned into Ghosts, huh, many times, some dead people may not have corpses that can be kept. There must be some Extraordinary people who are controlled by mental breakdown 西安夜生活网 or physical disability, and those who have not taken potions according to the normal process are extremely large. Some people who have lost control of the night watcher and the surrogate will definitely clean up these events gradually, but at least in Conston City, people may have to coexist with extraordinary events for a long time. After all, some ghosts and monsters are good at hiding and avoiding. , The 西安夜网论坛 instinct is very cunning that Klein does not squint while walking, and has a new grasp of Conston’s overall situation.

Here, encountering extraordinary events is no longer a coincidence, but a daily routine with a certain probability.

At this time , Klein saw a group of night watchers wearing red gloves and black windbreakers walking past the crossroad, but he didn’t know any of them.

Sure enough, 西安夜生活论坛 Tranquility Church sent a more mobile red glove team to help, eh, what’s the abnormality nearby? Klein nodded invisibly, followed his spiritual intuition, and looked at Throwing at an apartment-style building behind a pile of ruins. On

the fourth floor, behind a bay window, there is a highly decaying face against the glass looking outside, and drops of light yellow and black liquid slide down the window. 西安桑拿网 .

CHAPTER 30 astronomy enthusiasts

Eric became Ca