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ore sincere as the number of circles increased, his eyes were bent into a crescent, and he raised his arms and punched the king’s Bashen punch into the air. But this smile didn’t last long, and soon began to fade away and even 西安全城安排网 frowned. He didn’t count them together just now, but it is conservatively estimated that the blacksmiths have brought out more than ten bronzes. It seems that the posture seems to have not stopped for a while. Something is wrong. Richard with one hand on his hips, this number is too exaggerated, blind people can see that it is abnormal. Occasionally 西安耍耍网 dropping a piece of pie in the sky can be attributed to luck, but as long as it is not mentally retarded, the first reaction to seeing the pies raining in baskets must be a problem. It’s not surprising that the natives of the wilderness occasionally dig out a few bronze weapons, but this is too much. Ancient bronze weapons are not roadside wild vegetables, and a lot of them can be pulled out by just stinging twice-the high price itself is evidence of scarcity. It’s not right. Buckland walked to the bronze ware and squatted down, holding tortoiseshell glasses to observe carefully, and reaching out to touch the powdery patina, which was well preserved. The two dwarven blacksmiths finally cleared the inventory, and the number finally stayed at thirty-six. They didn’t care about whether there were secrets behind these old antiques with 西安桑拿网 backward craftsmanship. After moving them, they hurriedly went back to continue the ironing, leaving Buckland and Richard contemplating the ancient weapons. And when you look at these bumps, you know that they were just made recently. Richard took off his helmet and stretched out his knuckles to tap on the edge a few times. There were two obvious cut marks, and the original bronze color was very fresh. Let me say that in all likelihood, ancient ruins have been dug up by accident. Buckland licked his tongue and tasted the patina on his index finger, and quickly spit out. The smell of soil, ancient tombs o