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idering the various extensions on the earth Significant clowns, from the current world, clowns are a profession to entertain others in absurd ways, such as funny makeup, exaggerated movements, and acrobatic performances. The core is absurd, or entertaining others, it always feels wrong. Consider that the former court clown Klein thought silently and fell into confusion.

Crestai glanced at him, and also pointed the crimson moon on his chest.

With a slight

smile on the corner of his eye, he said: “May the goddess protect you.”

At this moment, Klein suddenly had an intuition, almost foreboding, that Senior Deacon 西安夜生活网 Cesimma would take his left foot

and then, He saw Crestai carrying the silver-white box and stepped his left foot to the door of the alchemy room.

One step, two steps, three steps, Klein watched the opponent walk out of the secret door and disappear into the underground passage.

He was startled at first, and immediately felt a strong joy.

The extraordinary ability of the “Joker” potion is stronger than he imagined. It

can rely on intuition to predict the next move of the target

. In addition, it has super coordination, outstanding agility and speed, and it is still a good power. It was equivalent to the so-called skill-based fighting Klein suddenly thinking about it.

Well, this can be regarded as a little manifestation of the “fortune-telling” ability in Sequence 8, but it is not 新西安夜网 enough. This approach should indeed be the kind of unique ability obtained every time before the high sequence. However, the intuitive hunch is fleeting. There is no way to grasp it every time. Of course, this is strong enough. If you grasp it once, it is very likely to turn defeat into victory. When the negative impact of the “Joker” potion is reduced to a controllable stage, I have to try myself again” The ritual of “summoning” myself, I almost forgot about it, um, the captain must have infected me. With

all kinds of thoughts, Klein looked at himself again and explored whether the “Joker” potio