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for precision operations, he would have been burned to ashes long ago.

He continuously extracts the moonlight, embodies the notes, combines intervals, transforms the theory of music, and builds the small source in the void into a solid. The moonlight condenses and turns into a misty heart embryo. Masses of etheric light brewed from it.

Only in a moment, the 西安桑拿网 phantom of the heart convulsed and trembled, almost collapsed.

Ye Qingxuan only felt a moment of emptiness, and immediately his hair was terrified:

――The ether transferred from the moonlight into the blood is not enough!

He made a mistake: building a heart out of thin air will soar not only the difficulty, but also the need for strength! The moonlight that he attracted with the blood of heaven and human is so great, but his 新西安夜网 consumption is also soaring. I don’t know when, it has all been exhausted.

With the power transformed by the “Moonlight” on the top of the tower, it has been unable to make ends meet. But once Xiaoyuan’s construction starts, he must not stop, otherwise he has to consider not whether he will die, but whether he can leave the whole body!

“You really are dying.”

Not far away. 西安夜生活网 There was a sigh of relief, and Ye Qingxuan almost danced and said, “Lola, come and help!”

“It’s really unfeeling, Ye Zi .”

Lola’s eyes became sad, and she knelt down. Touching the boy’s cheek, Jiahao’s face was full of resentment and sadness: “It’s because I am so worried about you, but I finally rushed over. Is the first sentence when I meet is to use others as tools?”

Ye Qingxuan’s expression twitched. A voice was 西安夜生活论坛 squeezed from the teeth:

“One thousand CC, no more!”

“Deal.” The

grievances on Laura’s face were swept away, with a charming smile: “I like Xiaoyezi, you are such a simple man. ”

Ye Qingxuan didn’t have time to say anything, but saw Lola bending down, pulling up her hair, and approaching her cheeks. The boy’s surprised face was reflected in his eyes.

The soft touch came from the lips.

It was as if a thunderb