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shed out. They flow so fast, but they look quiet, like an expanding lake in the sky.

The blue light was like a mirror, reflecting the flowers, and everyone’s frightened faces.

Immediately afterwards, the bursting notes hit the iron sand lake. So it shattered and countless subway sand scattered and deformed.

The dazzling sunlight circulated on its smooth 西安耍耍网 surface, and the shining person could not open his eyes.

After countless people fell to the ground and wailed in pain, the busker in the corner got up. He stepped on this bustling street with his feet on his feet, playing the flute brazenly to the beat.

The sound of the flute is killing, manipulating the iron sand to change in the sky, making them finally appear in shape. Hundreds of screams cut through the sky, thousands of pairs of wings spread 西安夜生活网out, reflecting the blazing sun!

That’s innumerable-Iron Crane!

The blue cranes bred from countless iron sand screamed in the sound of the Qiang flute!

It seemed that countless swords were trembling, making iron tools resonate.

At this moment, the tide of iron cranes has fallen.

They split from the tide, but at this moment they regroup into 新西安夜网 a tide.

Thousands of cranes gathered in the same place and swooped down to the ground one after another. When their wings rubbed against each other, they shot out fiery sparks; when they swooped, the roar was the sound of death.

The strong wind cannot stop them, but becomes their precursor. Just in the wind, the draperies pierced with gorgeous patterns were lifted and torn apart, and the white flakes fell like butterflies in the wind.


The gust of wind swept off the crown on the princess’s head, causing the silvery white hair to break free of its restraints and dance in the air. Her gorgeous robes were lifted up, like a dissipated mist.

In a fleeting moment, there is a beauty that cannot be seen directly. But this beauty is about to be destroyed, because the burning cranes have already struck, and one after another, they pounced on the girl who was alone.

As if