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the round style that I throw out.


what else can I do to make the other person feel that it is a reasonable thing to take shelter? !

Ramias sat up and braised it all at once.

It’s just that there is no longer the terrace at this time, and the fragments of the water glass on the ground have been cleaned up at some point,西安夜网论坛 and even a new glass has been placed on the terrace table.

Ramias swallowed subconsciously, only feeling that she was in an unprecedented and mysterious place. The huge mystery that seemed unable to unearth the truth was the source of fear.

“Forget it, do I still have room for resistance?” Ramias sighed for a long time, looking at the night outside the terrace with a complicated mood.

But at this moment, she saw a figure Luo 西安夜生活第一论坛网 Qiu standing on the terrace.

“You?” Ramias was shocked, and quickly opened the quilt and walked out of the bed quickly, “Didn’t Eve say that you are resting?”

The unilateral slaughter just now didn’t make any sound to the manor, so I asked myself if I fell asleep before the slaughter, I’m afraid I wouldn’t be affected at

all. “After reading a book for a while, I’m actually 西安夜网论坛going to fall asleep. Boss Luo smiled casually. Immediately, Boss Luo suddenly said: “Those just now are here to catch you back.”

“Yes” Lamia had no intention of concealing it at all. At this time, she was so cute as to be caught Like a tamed cat, “Thank you”

“You brought them on purpose.” Boss Luo said again.

“I” Ramias opened her mouth, speechless, her heart beating fast, her whole body seemed to be drained, even her 西安夜生活网 teeth were hitting slightly.

“It’s okay.” Boss Luo smiled and said, “Since I promised to protect you for this period of time, no matter what happens during this period, it will be in the scope of asylum.”

“You don’t blame me?” Ramias

She was surprised, raised her head in perplexity, and subconsciously said: “Why?” She even forgot the fear, and there was only one puzzled 新西安夜网 question in her heart.

“I said, I will ask you to do something.”

“I… wh