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axe solemnly said, the honor status of Golden Dragon and Gem could not escape the fight. Can Nightingale tell me that she believes that His Royal Highness can stop the dispute. She raised her head and looked towards the gray sky. Whether it is a sandman or a mainland kingdom, ordinary people or witches, they can enjoy resources equally and freely. life. I don’t know this. Iron Axe hesitated for a moment. He really couldn’t imagine everyone leaving the barriers and living together. Even a person who mastered the power of the gods like His Royal Highness could hardly be able to conquer everything. The enemy, but can he make the enemy willingly accept his rule, no matter what means his Highness uses, in the process of conquering, The seeds of hatred have been planted. Do you want to return to Iron Sand City? The answer suddenly asked. No, Lord Yinyue, Iron Axe came back to his senses and replied without hesitation, I have already sworn to the three gods, and will always be Lord Roland Wimbledon to open up territory for him. But rest assured, since he has promised to avenge you, he will do it in the future. When you return to Iron Sand City, no one will dare to disrespect you again. But I don’t want to be the patriarch of the Osha clan anymore, she whispered, I like to stay where the trees are evergreen, I like to be with Wendy Nightingale, and my Royal Highness teaches me songs. I hope to go back and take a look one day, but I don’t want to live in the desert and fight for water endlessly. Even so, you are still the only successor to the Osha clan in my mind, Iron Axe did not say what was in his heart in the end, but bowed his head and said that no one can force you. The two of them crossed the white field and walked to an open area. The echo stopped. Let’s practice here. It shouldn’t disturb others. Iron Axe knows that the opponent’s ability is to make all kinds of sounds, and she usually practices in the back garden of the small town castle. This time, in order to avoid interrupting the important meeting betwee