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After leaving the headquarters of the Backlund Post, Klein held a map and purchased different plant powders and silver flakes from various herbal shops, flower and herb shops, jewelry shops, and jewelry shops. He was ready for the ceremony. In the case of 新西安夜网 spiritual items, most of the occult materials can be bought in ordinary stores, but they are not so concentrated, and you need to travel to many stores to get them.

For this reason, Klein used a full 5 pounds, and the huge wealth of 200 pounds he took out fell below the 100 mark, leaving only 92 pounds.

“Spending money is like running water.” Klein found a small restaurant nearby and 西安夜生活第一论坛网 ordered a steak with black pepper sauce for 8 pence, mashed potatoes for 25 pence with pork sausage, coffee for 1 pence, and vegetables for 1 pence. Because the total is more than 1 sul, I added 1 penny to get 1 piece of bread with butter.

At 1 pm, he returned to No. 15 Minsk Street. He didn’t take a break. He spent time first, using herbal powders such as deep sleep flower, dracaena, crimson sandalwood, and peppermint to formulate 西安夜生活论坛 “Holy Night Powder”. It is the material used to make spiritual walls.

Before buying a real ceremonial silver dagger, he could only do it this way.

Klein guessed that he had to be promoted to Sequence 7 to get rid of this restriction.

“Huh, Miss Justice, Mr. Hanged Man, and Classmate Sun have not asked for leave. Today’s party will be held on time. I don’t know what kind of 西安耍耍网 surprises Mr. Hanged Man will bring me, and how many pages of Roselle’s diary can be provided.” Klein Lying on the bed in the bedroom, thinking about various things endlessly.

For him, private detective is a career that takes both money and action into consideration. This allows him to contact people from all walks of life, slowly discover Backlund’s circle of extraordinary people, and 西安桑拿网 gradually find clues to the Secret Order.

Of course, if luck is good enough, he can even figure out what Sequence 7 corresponds to “Joker” directly in some Beyonder circles,