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nadette is no stranger Just a little identification, I can recognize that they come from the Civil Code formulated and promulgated by my father, or belong to the new social fashion he founded, or directly are the design drawings of certain inventions.

Just look at Bernadette carefully 西安夜网论坛 . At that time, Klein above the gray mist was completely certain that this was the last tomb left by Emperor Roselle.

This is somewhat similar to the mausoleum he saw in the Tudor ruins, with the majesty and distortion of the Black Emperor. After

walking out of the virgin forest, passing through the invisible border, and not far from the mausoleum,西安桑拿网 Edward

He stopped. He half-turned his body, aimed his

pale face and cold eyes at the invisible servant, and said

without any change in his voice: Don’t go in. Bernadette,

who would interrupt the resurrection, frowned slightly, thinking After two seconds,

she locked the mausoleum with the help of the Secret Eye. Then, her blue eyes, like the sea, became extremely deep, resembling the sea before the storm. In

this case, she 新西安夜网 obviously lost her focus, her eyes A vast expanse.

She was peering into the river of destiny and making predictions about the next action.

Klein above the gray mist tapped on the mottled long table again, magnifying her probability of success, and doing a good job against the starry sky. Preparations for pollution.

Of course, the latter is not necessary, because Bernadette has a level 0 Sealed Artifact that he can control. The

next second, 西安耍耍网Bernadette raised

her right hand. Her skin suddenly became as white as snow, and her lips

She became as red as blood, and her hair became as black as ebony. There was an illusory, ancient mirror in her hand.

This is the Snow White in fairy magic, and Bernadette uses it to increase the success rate of his predictions. And accuracy. In


silence, she saw a scene: the

majestic and majestic deep black mausoleum was visibly shaken, and the heavy and tall stone gate opened.

Then, a huge black