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or the warm blood is cold.

Eve, calm down and don’t let your ancestors down.

voice becomes 西安夜生活网 severe. When he got up, Lorenzo was like an old-fashioned teacher admonishing his incompetent student, but even though he said that, the sword has been raised above his head in the dark, and with Lorenzo’s arm, he can directly smash Yi in an instant. Fu cut into two pieces.

Chaos is entangled. Eve, the hand holding the gun was shaking. The two faced each other in the dark for nearly a minute. In this long silence, Eve finally put down the gun in his hand.

What is wrong with me?

Eve knelt weakly. After coming down, the pupils of the eyes were full of bloodshot eyes, the beautiful face became pale, the youth and vitality before, she was like a sick woman like that.

Demons are very strange things, they are not even counted. Creatures, everything it touches will have that grotesque nature, just like a vessel 西安桑拿网 touched by it, ordinary people will have nightmares if they touch it.

Similarly, once ordinary people look at it, hear it, smell it. From its smell, etc., it can be observed that its existence and behavior will be affected, and that influence is the’crazy’ that arises according to the strength of the contact.

Lorenzo put down the deadly sword and lifted Eve at the same time. I fired her gun, in case the girl did 西安夜生活网 something stupid.

Even reading the text about it wouldn’t work, it’s not watching, untouchable,

and unintelligible . Eve turned his head hard, the strange atmosphere Lilo Renzo is still that calm and unaffected.

So why are you not afraid?

Lorenzo helped Eve go forward and answered her as he walked.

There are many factors, like being with a tiger every day. The first time you see 西安耍耍网 it, you will be afraid to die, but you see it every day, then you They would also regard it as a fierce big cat.

There is light shed in the front, which seems to be an exit.

So in your opinion, that ghost is just a big cat?

Seeing the bright girl in the endless darkness finally eased a lot, and