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er temple this time to allow myself to wake up and kill you the first time.”

But quickly said: “How do we cooperate to change the current nightmarish reincarnation? Want to come, you don’t want to be in this nightmare all the time?”

Malik did not move.

Say again: “I tell you, I am also a person who has been abandoned here. Until this time, until this guy named Kadile arrived, I realized that this is not 西安夜生活第一论坛网 necessarily true. Maybe I have thought about it before. It’s just the reincarnation of time that made me forget this. I’ve been living the same day without knowing it for more than a hundred years outside. Can you understand the anger in my heart right now?”

Malik At this point the pair loosened a little.

“I want revenge.” gritted his teeth and said bitterly: “I won’t let the guy who tricked me here and keep me here is better than I won’t let him win. I want him to lose completely and let him fall into In hatred even more angry than I am!”

“What can you do.” Malik said indifferently: “Looking at your appearance, you are like a plaything in a cage. What can you do to the enemy outside the cage? Revenge.”

“I can!” angrily said: “I can close this forever so that he clearly owns, but can never open 新西安夜网 him again! Let him look at the countless wealth here, but can’t get it! Make him feel anxious every day There is no way to get out of torture! This is the greatest torture! Even, maybe he can initiate punishment for him. He will be afraid, unprecedented fear!”

“Close?” Malik frowned: “You really have a way to close this The so-called, and after today, there is no way for foreign invaders to come to our world again?”


“Yes.” Nodded: “As long as I use the item to summon the goddess here, the challenger will be there again. There is no way to fight against the final gatekeeper. This way, this game will always be in progress.”

“What to do.” Malik will completely let go this time.

After thinking for a while, he walked over the god seat and saw that he smashed the god seat to pieces.

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