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of people and nobles-after weed out the opponents, the rest are naturally potential supporters. Especially the nobles-lost the power of enfeoffment and the legal power of the territory Later, if they want to live a comfortable life, they must closely follow their own policies and spare no effort to promote it. Since the resources in the hands of the nobles are far greater than those of the common people, it is not difficult to obtain benefits from it as long as they use their brains a little. Once they taste the sweetness, they will never want to go back to the bitter days they once had. After all, these little nobles have not enjoyed the benefits of their territories. If the operation is not good, they will have to pay for the money. Soon they will realize that just by playing chess according to the rules, they can easily live a life that they could not imagine before. There is no doubt that the city construction plan has taken another big step forward. Roland wiped the window off the window. Condensed water vapor, looking at this city shrouded in white snow through the blurry windows-since I will stay here for a while, I will often come to Longsong Fortress to handle government affairs in the future, so I just follow my preferences. This study can be transformed into an office exclusively for the prince. For example, start with the French windows. (To be continued.) m. . The main text, Chapter 454, Compensation and Punishment. Three days later, Roland gave a speech in the theater of Longsong Fortress. For the purpose of this propaganda, he asked Pei Luo to inform the people in the city of the details of the rebellion in advance, and specially asked Maisie to make a special trip to send a reply from Border Town. On that day, fewer people gathered in the theater than he thought. Even though it was spring, the wafting snow outside prevented the people from going out. Fortunately, the Second Army and their family members were basically present. It seems that the “soldiers who died in battle have generous compensati