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ion angle.

It has no vision in both eyes, and its body is tightly wrapped around the collision angle. It opens its big mouth and sprays a mouthful of cyan venom toward the collision angle. The venom is very corrosive and suddenly The copper horns corroded so that a puff of blue smoke appeared.

I watched in horror at the terrifying damage of the wind snake. If Captain Mackintosh hadn’t pulled me to the ground, and was entangled in the wind snake and sprayed with venom, it would definitely not be made of copper. It hit the corner, but I was lying on the floor of the captain’s room.

“Your childhood? It’s hard to imagine, but it’s really amazing!” 新西安夜网 McIntosh struggled to prop up his body and sat up from the floor.

I turned to look at the mess on the deck.

“Does every magician possess such terrible marksmanship?” McIntosh asked me, panting. At this moment after escaping from life and death, he seemed to have released all the power of his body.

Captain Mackintosh was lying on the floor next to me, looking at me 西安夜生活论坛with a wry smile, his eyes glowing with undisguised appreciation.

“My childhood was spent in the wilderness of the Orcs’ Pai Plateau, and my marksmanship was practiced at that time!” I explained to Captain Mackintosh.

At this time, the two dozen wind snakes had roared past the airship, and dozens of sharp wind blades sprayed from their mouths, like shiny silver machetes, tumbling in the air. On the airship’s deck, some wind blades slashed on the hard floor, cutting the hard floor into grooves with a depth of five centimeters, which were several meters long. Some wind blades slashed on the soldiers’ shields, and clear marks appeared on those extremely strong iron-wood shields. The soldiers behind the iron shields were knocked half-kneeled by the huge force. There were still some wind blades slashing on unguarded soldiers.西安夜网论坛 Wherever the wind blades passed, their bodies in light leather armor were brutally cut into bone-deep wounds by the wind blades, and blood flowed all over the ground.