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e hesitated for a moment and handed the letter that had just been received to Harry.

Ron and Harry immediately put their heads 西安夜生活网 together.

“Ten Gallon must he be crazy? ?”

Ron felt that he was almost overwhelmed by the weight of ten gallons. Those raw materials were not worth a gallon at all. As Albert said, the other party offered ten times the price. them as a fool.

Harry is not short of money, but ten Galleons, or make him feel Routeng.

after all, even if he was then the money, kept in 新西安夜网 Gringotts vault heritage, but also with a little bit less.

However, Considering that the money was spent, there is no need to mess around in Snape’s potions class. He finally agreed to pay the Garon to buy the horns of the double-horned beast and the skin of the African tree snake.

” Return to him, I will buy Right!” Harry gritted his teeth.

He, Harry Potter is rich.

“Don’t worry Harry, we’d better go to 西安夜网论坛 Albert for advice.” Hermione hurriedly stopped Harry’s decision, “I miss you I don’t want to be slaughtered as a fat sheep by the other party!”

Ron fully agreed with Hermione’s proposal, thinking that they should ask Albert so that they would not be pitted by Mondungus.

Ten gallons are too expensive. The horns of the horned beast and the skin of the African tree snake are not worth the price. 西安夜生活论坛

If it really takes ten gallons, Ron would rather agree to Hermione’s unreliable plan.

After all, the money cannot be divided equally between the three. Ron and Hermione don’t have so

many Gallons in their pockets. It took the three of them a lot of time to finally find a chance. At breakfast, they blocked Ai outside the hall. He took the opportunity to ask for advice from the other party. After

reading 西安桑拿网 the reply from Mondungus Fletcher that Harry handed him, Albert commented, “It’s expensive, a small amount of double-horned horns and The skin of the African tree snake is not worth the price. Although it is not strange to say that it is ten times the black market, it is usually slaughtered as a