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He shook his head slightly and continued to read his newspaper and map, no different from the other passengers in the carriage.

Note 1: This joke comes from a previous magazine in the UK and is clumsy.

Chapter Two Mrs. Summer

“Have you seen a teenage boy wearing an old coat?” One of the men who rushed into the car, looked at the flight attendant viciously.

From the corner of his eye, Klein glanced at the other person who was thin and slender, his complexion was dark as if he had been exposed to the sun for a long time, and his eye sockets were 西安桑拿网 much more sunken than the normal people of the Ruen Kingdom.

Highlander or half-blood, he nodded thoughtfully.

The central part of the Northern Continent, at the beginning of the Honakis Mountains, is a plateau with arid climate. Most of it belongs to the Kingdom of Fenebot, the west is attributed to the Republic of Tees, and the east is occupied by the Kingdom of Loen. The aborigines are thin 西安夜生活网 Barbaric but brave and good at fighting has been one of the most troublesome problems of the three countries for a long time. However, with the improvement of gunpowder weapons and the changes in the form of war, these plateau people finally recognized the reality and completely succumbed.

A large part of them left the plateau, entered Backlund, entered Trier, entered the city of Feneport, entered the prosperous cities and ports of the northern continent, some became workers, some became the fresh blood of local gangs , Dare to fight and kill, not afraid of big things.

The flight attendant was a man in his twenties. He shrank when he heard the words, and pointed to the third-class carriage and said:

“I saw him go there.”

The headed man in a black coat and a half-top hat nodded slightly. Leading a few 西安夜网论坛 accomplices, he dashed towards the third-class carriage, without any scruples about the eyes of the surrounding passengers.

If I were that boy, I must have gotten out of the third-class carriage by this time. Klein thought while reading the newspaper.