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ed camps. Standing on the mound from a distance, Gerile saw our Aguimon slowly approaching, and she began to run towards us. The fit body was full of rhythm in the run, and every stepping would make her feet splash. The young green grass came, and her back carried three javelins made of devil antelope horns. Even though she was so far away, I could still see the joy on her face. She was like a passionate tree. Sunflowers are always passionate about life.

Yaguimon’s back was quiet. Because there is 西安夜网论坛 an orc in our team, the iconic werewolf maid who has been with Kurz all day also set off with me. Now she is sitting next to Kurz, quietly like a Persian cat. She was wearing ordinary leather armor, and she looked heroic. It was obvious that this beast woman was the pillow person given to him by Grandma Kuz, and now she is just taking care of Kuz’s daily life. Just waiting for Kurz to participate in the coming-of-age ceremony, he will be officially incorporated into the room by Kurz.

Miss Qi, Katerina and I were lying on the spine of the beast, curious and expectant, waiting for a good show like the two girls fighting for husband to start.

Gril ran to the Aguimon with a long black braid. She saw the quiet maid sitting next to Kuz, and the people who came out of the castle, even the maid exudes a noble temperament. 西安耍耍网 , Even if she sat there quietly, she would look extraordinary. Grile blinked his large, watery eyes, and sweat was dripping on the healthy, shiny wheat-colored skin. She looked at Kurz who was riding on the neck of Aguimon with anxiety like a fawn. The white shell-like teeth bit his lower lip, looked at the rough leather armor on his body a little uneasily, and lowered his head in embarrassment.

“Gril, come up soon!” Kuz sat on Yaguimon’s neck, spread his hands and said loudly.

I secretly admire Kurz, his face is really thick, and it is shameless to have a girl next to him, and when facing another girl, he can still invite her to come together without changing his face.

“Hey. Didn’t you