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ic doctor in front of him with a sluggish look, his eyes seemed to penetrate the beak mask. Observe the blood under there. I

don’t know how long it took, and Master Lawrence smiled. 新西安夜网

Yeah, that’s great.

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chapter sixty-sixth restless illusion

! Lorenzo

Arthur shouting own, somewhat blurred vision, Lorenzo can not see Clear him.

I’m fine.

He replied, his steps staggered.

I just need to calm down

. There is the pain that is almost torn in my mind, and all kinds of broken memories are constantly flashing back in front of my eyes. The

dark armor fell off one by one and hit the ground. , Jingle.

Lorenzo can’t remember how he got out of the dark underground. He stood under the dark and gloomy sky. The towering buildings of old London were like spears piercing the sky, as if that The giant trees of the ancient forest shielded all the light. The

cold air poured into his nose, which made him feel sober, but the faint pain in his mind still tortured him.

Arthur is in charge of the aftermath of the permanent pump , This matter is even more serious than the appearance of Master Lawrence. The Pump of Perpetual Motion has been damaged by this level for the first time since it was established, and everyone is alert.

So that damn project is going to be postponed. Yet?

Feeling better, he looked at Merlin by the side, which was the perpetual pump he sent himself away. At this moment, his face didn’t look good, and his anger

was hidden in peace. It should be, we need to strengthen security measures, In addition to the repairs, you can enjoy a small holiday temporarily, Mr. Holmes.

Merlin said.

Of course, thank you for coming out. Without you, we might have to pay a 西安夜网论坛higher price.

Lorenzo did not care. Merlin’s thanks, his eyes are somewhat hollow.

Are you Merlin, do you understand the gap?

Upon hearing Lorenzo’s words, Merlin frowned slightly.

Why are you askin