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Duke of Wall, but this time I can’t help but say that this young man is a little careless. I underestimated the status of Princess Sha in the heart of the old Duke of Wall. It was originally a rare opportunity to do meritorious service. This time, this young man might cause serious disaster.

“Huh! How did you become the captain of the guard?” Beads of sweat appeared on the forehead of the old Duke of Wall, and the sapphire wand that he held tightly in his hand was also thrown on the ground. The beautiful wand fell sharply on the marble floor of the conference hall, rolling a long way along the smooth marble.

This magic 西安夜生活论坛 wand was before Sarah Eri went to the Royal Academy of Magic. Old Wall specially gave her the most precious gift, Princess Sha must always be with her, but now this staff appears alone in the conference hall, and there is no news from Princess Sha.

The sweat on Ming Hao’s head has become cold. I was shocked: This time I am afraid it will be difficult to break away. The magic wand in front of him was enough to make his head fall.

Kay was sitting at the end of the conference table. Among all the people sitting at the conference table, Kay was arguably the youngest, and his proud face was always with disgusting smug. Kay has the capital to be confident, because he is the youngest and best magician in Slaughter. He inherited all the excellent genes of the Ito family. This time, Kai felt it was time for him to display his talents.

Kay put his hands on the table and said to the old Earl Wall: “Miss Sha may have been hijacked by bandits. As long as I can bring a regiment with me, I will be able to beat the bandits outside the city. Humph! I don’t believe them. Dare to move Miss Sha.”

“It was my negligence that made the banditry in the north more and more serious. Hey!” Old Wall talked for a 新西安夜网 long time, looking at the iron wood pipe pot in his hand, a lonely look appeared in his eyes. I’m afraid I haven’t touched the sapphire wand in this hand for 20 years. The use of force is also