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ecause the pictures in the magic newspaper were not so. 西安夜生活网 Clearly, the people of the imperial capital 西安桑拿网 cannot recognize me. But on the campus of the Royal Academy of Magic, there are still many people who can recognize me at a glance.

I learned from Senior Vernon and Dylan that I was quite famous at the Royal Academy of Magic and I was given many names. At the beginning, when everyone mentioned me, they would say that I was combative. Ji Jia, a native of the North Territory, later defeated William on the top of the teaching building. When everyone talked about me, the name became the North Territory kid who defeated William.

By this semester, after returning from the plane of Vashj, everyone became the lucky guy who married Teacher Qige and the unlucky leader of the Sword and Rose Society.

Well, I admit that I was unlucky enough.

At first, before Lucia left, she had been worried that the club would disband after she left, so she gathered the backbone of the club and appointed the head of the club to me in front of them. Unfortunately, the new semester began. At the time, I was trapped in the plane of Vashj and couldn’t rush back in time. So after losing the last bit of cohesion, the Sword and Rose Society was quickly annexed by other organizations.

All of the news about me and Yingli in the magic newspaper suddenly disappeared. I read it twice in the magic newspaper, but I couldn’t see a piece of news about me, and it was the number one in the magic newspaper. On this page, the Prince of Wales and the Marquis of Moxiang returned triumphantly, and the news of the victory of the Kenda plane. The second page introduces the movement of the coalition forces. The report said that the Duchess of Jingyue will start from today. From now on, he will lead the North Wind Legion back to the north and conduct military deployments to defend against the barbarians on the ice tundra. The Southern Wind Legion and the Constructed Knights from Qiyan City will rest in the Imperial Capital for a while, and continue