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pulled out his wand, and took over Mrs. McDoug’s cooking job.

Perhaps, there is a saying that is right, everyone has their own good points. And their mothers, except 西安夜生活论坛 for the treatment of high talents Besides, it always messes up other things, even if it’s cooking magic that has taken a long time to practice, it still can’t cook delicious food skillfully.

Who would have thought that it is famous in the St. Mungo’s Magical Injury Hospital The director of the

Cursed Injury Department, except for the treatment, is in a 新西安夜网 mess! “Oh, okay!” Mrs. McDouger was a little lost, but quickly regrouped, “By the way, I just counted the number of gifts. You received fifteen birthday presents this year.”

“Okay mom, I think we can wait until breakfast is over, and then we can open those birthday presents.” Isabel directed the beef in the pan with a magic wand, and performed skillfully on them. For the plate, Katrina uses cooking magic omelettes and fried sausages, and by the way, tomatoes and other vegetables are made into vegetable 西安桑拿网 salads.Her cooking magic is not as skillful as Isobel, and she needs to pay attention to cooking.

“Good morning, Dad.” Isabel greeted softly while looking at the photo of the young man next to him. The man in the photo was smiling at them.

“Katrina’s family magic has improved a lot!” Mike Mrs. Doug is not 新西安夜网 stingy with her compliments. She has almost no talent in cooking.

“I have been practicing.” Katrina said. In fact, she is helping with housework at home. The mother of the two has long been Busy at the St. Mungo’s Hospital for Magical Injuries. During

breakfast, the McDoug family ate and chatted about some interesting things that happened in the school. In fact, the two sisters have always made Mrs. McDoug 西安耍耍网 feel at ease. After

having breakfast together, they arrived Isobel birthday present time, most of Ravenclaw students donated some ordinary small gift, if say who’s the most special gift, uncle gift Mogg than the latest version of Runes of books.

“I I think few peop