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y little. Opening, the man’s eyes even showed a strong look of expectation.

“What is it, is it a young and beautiful child? Or is it a masculine and righteous warrior?” The man squinted his eyes. “Or, a panicked lost lamb?”

Finally, the roots have been untied, 西安夜生活论坛 and the man can see clearly. The appearance of this captured prey.

A young man with black hair and dark eyes, and a calm complexion: Boss Luo just stood there, without the slightest panic of being trapped.

While the man was looking at him, he was also looking at the mysterious man.

Although a little unexpected, the man in the inner hall of the temple was looking sideways at this time, and after a while, he slightly 西安桑拿网 frowned and said: “You… are a follower?”

“Don’t you know me.” Boss Luo smiled and said, “Mr. Valli we met.”

Mr. Valli.

The man who appeared in the inner hall of this temple was surprisingly one of the heirs of Zmich’s family, the owner of the castle, Valli Zmich!

“Well, you really are a follower.” Mr. Vali in front of the man was now Nodding lightly: “However, although you are a follower, I am not the Mr. Vali you met.”

Boss Luo was curious and said: “Oh? Does Mr. Vali have two or say, The two are actually twin brothers.”

“This is a secret.” The man in front of me smiled: “And the important thing is that you will never know what the answer to this secret is, though, you can get there. Here, I will probably get quite a headache outside of me, but the headache will soon disappear. This 西安夜生活论坛 is another perfect game.” After

speaking, his face suddenly became cold: “I changed my mind. Meal.” As

soon as he raised his hand, the intricately rooted roots in the inner hall shot them sharply in an instant, as if they could pierce everything. In the blink of an eye, hundreds of roots directly pierced Boss Luo’s body.

But at this moment, these sharp fibrous roots actually bend directly. They seem to be stabbing not soft skin, but hard metal.

“You?” Can’t help being startled.

Immediately, Boss Luo’s colorful glow fli