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food in our mouths, killing them is for 西安夜生活网 us We have been at the top of the food chain since the day we were born. This is the survival law of nature.”

“Look at what you are doing cowardly, when the orc warrior actually became like a child Just as cowardly, tell me, what about your courage? What about your beliefs?”

“These goblins who don’t know how to be grateful, it’s not our fault that we kill them!”

“Because 西安夜生活论坛 of the food we provide them, their tribe keeps growing, but what are they doing? Not all day thinking about how to come. Plunder our wealth? These disgusting gnomes must die!”

orc warriors stood up from the ground, surrounded by Kalancuo, like some fanatical believers, pulling the buttons of the leather armor with their hands, opening the hard leather armor, revealing the strong chest inside, and constantly using Knocked with his hand, following Kalantuo’s voice, he shouted: “Must die! Must die! Must die!” The

burnt smell of those corpses, the smell of cooked goblin meat, the smell of fishy internal organs, and the burning. The smell of dry and cracked limestone choked the throat, mixed together to make the cave become extremely weird, even the orcs who never feared the smell had to wear a scarf on their face.

The 西安桑拿网 strong orc used a short spear to push away the burnt goblin corpses, clearing a path for people to walk on.

We have no interest in the broken copper and iron in the hands of those goblins. Let Jijiru lead the way and return to the cave wall of the Danma tribe. The more we go inside, the more tragic the picture we see. The goblin remains burnt to nothing but bones, sticking to the rocky ground like a black mark, there is nothing left except the mark.

When we rushed to the entrance of the tunnel where we crawled and drilled, we saw a tall goblin in the square wearing a bronze armor standing in the middle of the corpse pile. He was holding a huge wolf in one hand. Tooth stick, holding a scepter in the other hand, wearing a golden crown on his head, his body has been burn