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ll me, I missed the previous chapter? If I’m not senile, then this should be behind the track.”

During the meeting, , The surprised Queen put down her glasses, turned around in a daze, but saw her 西安耍耍网 guardian knight, and did not listen to the performance very intently.

She just looked at the metal rose in her hand silently, as if she was distracted.

How should I put it.

Different from the brief confusion of many audiences, in a corner of the theater’s public seats, Boss Luo blinked his eyes, then turned to look at his maid, and asked bluntly: “You said…Is it really suitable for me to come out and walk around? Ah.” The

maid 西安夜生活论坛 girl almost didn’t show much expression, she just looked at the stage, her eyes moved slightly.

But at this moment, a lot of smoke suddenly appeared around the stage. This is not a special effect smoke, but a substance that will make people comatose instantly after inhalation!

The audience in the front row has inadvertently inhaled it. The gas fell on their 新西安夜网 seats one after another, and people began to become frightened.

They got up in horror, and the people pushed and screamed in horror. However, not only the bottom of the stage, but also the surrounding ventilation ducts, at this time, there was a coma in the mist.

The audience fell one by one and on the stage, the actors had already passed out a step earlier, and naturally they also wrapped the people on both sides of the stage.

At 西安夜网论坛 this time, only the actor of Prince Karaf and the old man who was the actor of the prince’s father stood among the many fallen people as usual.

He still chanted:

Destiny is fickle like the moon, alternating between fullness and emptiness; an

abominable life weaves suffering and happiness;

both poor and rich are melted and dying like snow and ice. 西安夜生活第一论坛网

The horrible and empty wheel of fortune, you turn mercilessly, you are vicious and cruel, destroy all happiness and good hopes, the shadow is overwhelmed and blurred, and you knock me down;

disaster comes, my back is ruthlessly by