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et up. He just makes a rule that people who want to play the magic 西安夜网论坛stone have to obey, the organs that guard the magic stone. , It’s just a bait to lure others to the bait, and his strength is the final guarantee.”

Voldemort easily saw through Dumbledore’s tricks, this is Hogwarts, it is his Dumbledore territory, once it is made If you are moving, you will be spotted immediately.

Even if you can really grab the Philosopher’s Stone in the end, you need to face Dumbledore. Except for him,西安耍耍网 almost no one can retreat when Hogwarts faces Dumbledore. This is the real plan of the old guy.

However, how could his weak self be Dumbledore’s opponent!

Quirrell was silent, and since he failed to steal the Philosopher’s Stone, he was punished terribly, and Voldemort was parasitic. His body.

Until the moment of being parasitized, Quirrell regretted why he didn’t run and why he 西安夜生活第一论坛网 didn’t directly betray Voldemort.

However, it was already late, and everything was too late.

Since being parasitized, his body began to Becoming weak, if Quirrell doesn’t want to die, he needs to get the magic stone to configure the elixir as soon as possible. If he can’t get the magic stone, his life will come to an end for a few months at most.

Quirrell doesn’t want to die.

He muttered Muttered to 西安夜生活网 himself, “You must find a way to figure out what the other professors are.”

Chapter 353 Apartment No. 12 Tulip Street

There is a house on the northern slope of the hills somewhere in Scotland, where no one knows. It is the home of Serra Harris. Not many people know that this famous and eccentric wizard lives here.

Today, Sai Ra Harris greeted a visitor rarely, and an old man with a white beard walked toward this side with light steps. He stopped at the door and raised his hand to clasp the wooden door. For a

moment, the wooden door was opened from the inside.

“I hope I didn’t let you wait too long, Serra!” The visitor greeted the host here.

“You are always so punctual.” Harrisis smiled and said, “But, you didn’t go t