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owed her body gracefully, raised her slender fingers and hit. A crisp finger.

A white tablecloth was spread on the dining room wooden table next to the kitchen, and ceramic plates full of food appeared on the table in an orderly manner.

Milk, tea, coffee, pumpkin juice 西安夜网论坛 , Orange juice, porridge, cereal, sugar, salt, butter, corn flakes, toast, bread, various jams, tomato sauce, mayonnaise, fried eggs, pickled herring, ham, bacon, grilled Sausages, smoked fish, pickled salmon, and fried tomatoes

. The humble restaurant in the orphanage seemed to be a reduced version of the Hogwarts restaurant in a blink of an eye.

“Thank you, Burleigh.”

Dumbledore said with a smile nod.

“It is Mr. Dumbledore service, is my honor, I hope a happy meal.”

Burleigh said shrilly, bowed deeply again, snapped, snapped disappeared in the air.

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Chapter 24: A long-term meal ticket

Not long after, the children in the orphanage woke up one after another, 西安桑拿网 and washed as usual. After the

event , I came to the restaurant obediently and waited for the meal. After the baptism of various surprises by Elena over the years, the children have shown a high degree of acceptance for the luxurious breakfast that clearly exceeds the normal specification.

After all, who is experiencing such as almost After the full fish feast breakfast that can feed fifty adult men, many things are no longer so 西安耍耍网 impactful.

Benitez briefly introduced that this breakfast came from the generous sponsorship of Professor Dumbledore , The children’s curiosity instantly turned to the focus on food.


Elena stood up, put her hands on the table, stood on her toes, cleared her throat, looked around for a week, and said softly. thank you guide the children to Dumbledore.


“before you start eating, I first of all want to thank the professor Dumbledore sitting next to me, because of his generosity that we have a good breakfast