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elp but stagnate, as if they are stared at by some invisible behemoth. They all shrank back subconsciously.

“Death, death?”

“It’s just training, too exaggerated.”

” Just kidding”

After a few seconds, the little wizards around Elena The expressions were a bit stiff and looked at each other and talked in a low voice, but I don’t know if it was

frightened by the girl’s aura. The tone was lower than before. “Elena, don’t scare everyone, this is very important. This may be our dining pattern for the next week.”

Hermione frowned, but took the initiative to take a 西安夜生活第一论坛网 step forward, staring at the little silver-haired Lori with a displeased expression, raising her voice.

“My answer is also serious. .I never lie about food.”

Elena squeezed her left hand and stood up abruptly. The lake-blue eyes looked at the face of Little Lori Hermione calmly and let out a chuckle.

” Go to the next project? If I remember correctly, except Apart from me, only Neville and Hannah have completed the three training programs so far.”

While 新西安夜网talking, the silver-haired girl slowly looked around every little wizard around her.

Everyone touched Elena The people in sight lowered their heads unconsciously.


Elena raised her eyebrows, walked up to Little Lori Hermione with her hands, her voice slightly raised, “You are asking me how to rely on cheating Going to 西安耍耍网 win?!”


faced Elena’s questioning, Hermione’s face instantly turned pale, her small mouth pouted aggrievedly, and she quickly turned her head away from Elena’s sight. I

ignored Elena’s attention. The wounded little Beaver, Elena crossed Hermione and slowly walked into the crowd. There was a scary harshness in her cold voice, and her eyes flashed with a terrifying light.

“You think everyone in the seventh grade is fighting. What is it?”


“It is food, it is a precious item that sustains life and avoids death.”

“Do you think you are very hard and very hard? Just now, Professor Dumbledore used magic to synchronize me with all grades. Situation