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ame time, the White Dragon Lord’s Contemplating Hand spell was completed, a faint ripple appeared in the void, and a large translucent soul energy hand stretched out from the center of the ripple and held it towards the Eight-armed Snake Demon. At the moment when the soul energy reached the body, the figure of the eight-armed snake demon disappeared. Due to the obstacles of the three ice beast gates, the White Dragon Lord could not see the eight-armed snake monster. But Lord White Dragon felt that 西安耍耍网 the hand of the soul was held empty, and coupled with the disappearance of the eight-armed snake demon, he suddenly understood that the enemy had run away. The white dragon lord walked to the side and looked at the place where the eight-armed snake demon had disappeared. There was still a breath of energy to transmit magic in the air, which should be magic equipment triggered by mental power. What a pity, only a little bit. On the side, Master Owen looked at the slits that almost penetrated the three ice beast doors, with deep eyes. The blade light just now made me smell the breath of death, Amos, I guess it was a blow from the sword. Lord White Dragon remembered the sharp 西安桑拿按摩 glare of the knife, and nodded in agreement. There is only one who can have a relationship with Du Liou and use a knife. The blade master with a race of twelve-armed snake demon is a veteran abyss lord, whose strength is comparable to the existence of medium divine power. She bestows some life-saving things on her subordinates. The White Dragon Lord is not surprising at all. At the same time, Mage Owen had lingering fears. If Du Liou used this hole card in the battle between the two, and had mental arithmetic inadvertent, then Mage Owen might have fallen. It seems that Du Li’s position in the heart of the existence is not light. This kind of props for storing the attacks of the strong is extremely complicated to make.Even the blade dominates cannot be mass-produced, and it was actually given to Du Li’s side. Flying in the direction of Bla