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hey escaped here. They just suck some blood and let them go. Their saliva contains special ingredients, which can be narcotic, and their singing also has The effect of hypnosis. When these passengers wake up, they will forget what happened.”

Luo Qiu looked at Teacher Purin and found that he 西安夜生活网 was observing the scene in front of him very carefully at this time. But he has said so much, obviously early. Just know these young sirens who have fled, why do you have to look so carefully?

“It seems that Teacher Purin’s morning exercise also includes supervision of these Miss Sirens.” Luo Qiu figured out some things after thinking about it.

Teacher Pulin looked rather helpless, “I’m really doing sports, and I do have something to go to the suburbs. As for meeting them, I can only say that it just happened to be on this day. In fact, they are almost every week. You have to go ashore once. If you want to see them next time, you can pick them at the same time.”

“Why supervise them.” Boss Luo asked curiously.

Teacher Pulin said indifferently: “Every life has its natural process of life and death, just like a tree withered and the sea withered. 西安夜网论坛 This is the law of nature. Don’t you think that if this process is distorted by man Is it disrespect for life?”

Boss Luo nodded and said, “Yes, these passengers seem to have a long life, and they can do a lot of things. So, Mr. Pu Lin is equivalent to the manager of Shengmi .”

Teacher Pulin seemed a little uncomfortable with such words, frowned slightly, and even a little dazed in his eyes. He shook his head and said: “I just don’t want these passengers to hurt them, but I don’t want to see them. If their foraging is really harmless to the passengers, don’t you think it’s the best situation, don’t you think it’s the best situation? Of course, since we want to ensure this situation, we need to have a judgment at all times The notarization exists.”

“If this notary is absent once, then this time there is an accident.” Boss Luo suddenly asked.

Teacher Purin