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the situation is different. The music theory passed down to Guixu will inevitably be affected by Guixu. After Danggui Market was controlled by the cult, he would definitely become a running dog of the cult.

It’s 西安夜生活网 like a black musician.

But what is the reason why all talented musicians can’t look down on the black musicians? Isn’t it because the group of guys are suppressed by natural disasters and demons, and they don’t even have freedom?

Of course, there is no shortage of power and profit, even the idea of ??natural disasters. Neuropathy.

Therefore, in addition to a 新西安夜网 large number of people who are ecstatic, there is also a small group of musicians who have a solid foundation and a promising future who are unwilling to get into this trouble.

Especially between musicians and musicians, it is never easy to make enemies. Once they become enemies, it is the consequence of endless death.

For strength to kill other musicians, is it a fair matchup? Let’s not say that the schools behind those musicians are dead?

Musicians who can reach the realm of masters are the mainstays of their own schools, and even themselves are in charge of the schools. By.

In order to offend a large number of people for a costly power, I am afraid that the school to which I belong will not be able to bless me, and I can only seek refuge in the holy city.

I’m afraid that the sect is the same idea, right?

In a casino, the most 西安耍耍网 profitable is never a thousand masters and gamblers who are good at gambling, but a casino with a banker.

Takes both ends, no matter which side wins, you can make a profit without losing.

It is not that no smart people figured this out, but people are often unable to change the environment, but will be affected and changed by the environment.

When the whole Guixu became a gladiatorial arena, few people were able to stay alone.

It’s like Oden from Wanli School.

Sometimes if you don’t kill others, others will come to kill you too

“Orlando, I never offend you!”

After being forced to a dead end, Mast