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it later. 咚咚咚! There was a knock on the door. It came really fast. Master Mifen laughed. Come in, do you still need me to open the door for you in your site! Mifen, is that how you welcome old friends? The door was pushed open directly, and a handsome elf man walked in. The elf man was dressed in a snow-bottomed robe with gold edges, holding a long 西安全城安排网 stick, and a dazzling blond hair casually scattered behind him. Golden Elf! The white dragon lord recognized the man’s race at a glance. It was the gold elves among the upper elves. The gold elves were the emperor among the elves. The Elf King of Nordhill was a high-level legendary gold elves. Listening to the conversation between the two, the White Dragon Lord also knew that this golden elf was the master of Grey Tower City-Shida Valha. Facing the question from Hida Valha, Mage Mifen shrugged. welcome? Please, I am the guest. According to the rules, the box is a private space, your site. Okay, my fault, but I don’t think you came here to investigate my fault. I would like to introduce to you, this is Lord Amos from Nordhill. Mage Mifen turned to the White Dragon Lord again. His Excellency Amos, this is the master of the gray 西安耍耍网 tower-Master Shida Valha. Fortunately, sir. Fortunately. Under the recommendation of Master Mifen, The White Dragon Lord and the Grey Pagoda met officially. After the two exchanged greetings for a while, Hida Valha took out a crystal ball. If Lord Amos is willing, you can leave a trace of magic power. When you participate in the auction next time, input a trace of magic power directly on the gray tower, and the tower will open a portal for you and enter a similar box. my pleasure. The White Dragon Lord left his magic mark in the crystal ball. After the three chatted together for a while, Shida Valha retreated on the grounds of busy affairs. Amos, look at the smile on his face when he left, is it a bit similar to the old fox who ate the chicken? The White Dragon Lord smiled awkwardly, he was not familiar with Shida Valha, so 西安桑拿网 he cou