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ved, his fair skin is like you, and his eyes are also very similar to you. 西安夜生活网 This will make me stop thinking of you while you are away and , He is fully able to adapt to the environment of the Hades, he is not an ordinary human.” The

Empress of Hades only frowned slightly at the love words of Hades, “You mean, this child is not a human being but a descendant of man and god, just like Hercules. Are you a demigod like Si?”

Pluto said indifferently: “My Queen, please don’t mention things that remind me of your father in my territory.”

Pluto looked at Pluto silently, and then turned around. She didn’t say anything that she was the queen of the underworld: the queen who was robbed, she couldn’t even use mana in the underworld, she needed to return to the ground, where she was the goddess of fertility.

Hades is a boy who really loves turning around magical boys, and even dispatched 西安桑拿网 her maid directly to the past, but it doesn’t seem to matter much. The winter is about to end, she will leave this underground abyss and return to the ground. .

Maybe when winter comes next time, when she returns to the underworld again, the child is gone. After all, the master of the underworld is so capricious. Who knows what the future will be like?

“Big sister, why do you want me to be the young master?” After all, Joe is only a five-year-old child. His thinking does not allow him to associate too many things. Only being busy with this sudden situation makes this other big sister. It’s really beautiful, just as beautiful as that bad big sister.

Isn’t she really a bad big sister? Where did the wicked big sister go?

The maid in front of me, the woman who claimed to be Kessie, said blankly: “You are now the son of the master of the underworld, and you are naturally the young master of this underworld creature. Starting today, your status will be noble. At least for now, It seems to be correct.”

Joe blinked and lowered his head and said: “Big sister, I want to go home. I have been out for a long time, and if I