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xiliary system were also very prestigious.

The halo on Sister Guoguo’s fingers kept flickering: “Wind’s Walk” and “Light Body Art” wrapped both of us. When she chanted the mantra, the tone was very light, and the speed of her speech was very 西安耍耍网 rhythmic, just like reciting ancient poems, the concentration and devotion were deeply written on her face. It is said that this is a kind of academic recitation. I can’t even feel any movement of Guoguo’s fingers, nor the magic pattern she drew, but the magic has turned into a circle of light, enveloping both of us.

It is said that releasing hydrotherapy on a healthy person can make that person feel happy!

Is it true? I don’t know, but I know I am very happy at the moment! To be continued.

190 Leaving

When the scorching sun rises from the eastern hillside, it seems to have just jumped out of the horizon, and it begins to emit its heat. The clouds above my head are so low that I can reach them as long as I climb the hillside. The sun was spreading on the entire drowning moor. The spotted puddles on the grass 西安夜生活网 were steaming with white mist-like water vapor. Standing on the top of the soil slope and looking down, it was like being in a fairyland.

This rare wetland in this wasteland has ushered in a brand new day. Within half a month after the swamp zombies retreated, the place has slowly begun to regain its vitality, insects have begun to appear, and then they have been caught for food. The 西安夜生活第一论坛网 little beasts and birds, now far away through the thin mist, I vaguely saw the figure of the devil antelope in the distance.

We finally set off to return to Gluding Town, with all the argali and fifty female beast warriors. The most elite female warriors will stay to protect the safety of the entire tribe. The newcomer who is on the road with us is the latest collection.

Just looking at the look they worshipped when they looked at Kuz, I was still a way away from the real orc warrior. They are also wearing a variety of leather dresses, without bone knives and bone