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Chapter 20 Warning

. 160 Berklund Street, in a well-lit study room.

There are rows of bookshelves and many collections. At first glance, it looks like entering 西安夜生活网 a private library.

Klein is sitting on a tall one. On the back of the chair, looking at today’s newspapers, I found that no matter the Tasock or the Backlund Daily, there was an advertisement in a prominent position for the transfer of 10% of the Backlund Bicycle Company.

Mr. Stanton worked . It’s still pretty neat. After completing the financial investigation and value evaluation in just a 西安夜网论坛few days, Klein just secretly sighed, and his inspiration was suddenly touched.

He quickly turned on the spiritual vision and saw the messenger Renette Tinicole from the void. Nei walked out, still holding the four blonde and red-eyed heads in his hands, one of which was biting a letter. It

should be Miss Sharon’s reply, Klein thought about it, while reaching out to take it, and nodding lightly

Say : 西安桑拿网

Thank you. While speaking, he looked at the entrance of the study subconsciously, because there was Richardson, a personal servant on duty outside. He

removed the envelope and spread the paper. Klein took a quick glance and confirmed that the owner of the letter is Sharon. Miss, she said that she currently has no idea of ??buying a biotoxin bottle.After waiting for a while, if this magical item 西安夜生活网 is still there, she may consider it.

Is this financial situation not sufficient? Or saving money to do more important things? Klein thought about it casually, and intuitively believed that it was the latter possibility, because the demigod named Zatwin could not stay in Baekeland forever. De, Sharon, and Maric are basically getting rid of the pursuit of the Rose School. With their extraordinary strength and sequence 西安夜生活论坛 characteristics, it is relatively simple to make money in a relaxed environment, and they seem to control the black market arms of the Brave Bar. Trading, acting as a supporter behind Ian, can make a lot of money just by this line.