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sly took out the black paste-like thing, separated a small piece, and smeared it on the surface of the mirror.

Soon, he saw the girl who occupied all his dreams in the gloomy mirror, and hurriedly said:

The crazy adventurer just sent a letter, and it 西安夜生活第一论坛网seemed to contain other things. According to your instructions, I didn’t open it. At

this moment, the picture that Klein saw above the gray mist began to appear strange.

His sight , the state of the mirror itself is already blurred, closer 西安夜网论坛 to a dark fantasy is not real channel, which is connected to similar things around the area, forming a complex and abstract cobweb, cutting out a piece of deep Strangeness world

by Klein, who has gained a true vision of the gray fog, can barely see the general state, but can’t distinguish the details. I don’t know that there seem to be strange and terrible creatures

in the world. In the occult, mirrors are often given to lead to another’country’ It has a symbolic meaning, and it is mostly related to horror and horror. This is the’world in the mirror’? My extraordinary ability 西安夜生活论坛 does not involve this field at all. There will be an illusory channel pointing to me, pointing to the gray mist.

Strictly speaking, the’world in the mirror’ is not the real world. It is closer to the collection of’doors’, connecting 西安夜生活网 different mirrors and different mysterious countries, if it is inside. Lost, maybe it will appear directly in the’Abyss’, or even the starry sky.西安桑拿网 Of course, a demigod with this ability should be able to create a reflection world, hiding in

the collection of’doors’ inside except for the witch, the resentful soul, and the’apprentice’ The high-sequence powers of the pathway also have similar abilities? Does the’secret’ of the’mysticist’ represent the’world in the mirror’ on the one hand, which is mysterious enough and secretive enough under normal circumstances, even through the’real vision’, It is also impossible to see the’world in the mirror’ directly, unless someone inspires Klein to nod thoughtfully, a